Let me introduce myself...

Hello and welcome, I'm Jenn the mom behind The Overwhelmed Busy Mom. The Overwhelmed Busy Mom is more than a blog, it's a community for moms to find simple time-saving solutions.  I believe being a mother is the most important job ever.  That's why I created this site, to help you save time each and every day.  I want you to wake up each day and feel like you can conquer your day.  I will educate you through blog posts, printables, and The Busy Mom's Club.  

Running a successful business for 13 years and being a wife and mother of 2 has given me a lot of experience on how stay organized and use my time wisely.  I needed to master the tools to allow me to run my day instead of having my day run me.  By setting up a simple structured schedule I was able to organize myself, my home, and my life.

I started The Overwhelmed Busy Mom in January of 2016.  I saw a need to start a community for busy moms who were struggling to stay on top of their day and wanting more out of life than just work and more work.   

As a working mom, time was never on my side.  After work there there were sports, sleepovers, fundraiser, school functions, and so much more.  The list never ended.  I wanted to share my experiences with others because I knew I was not the only person out there being pulled in 100 different directions.  This blog reflects what I do to run a busy and overwhelmed life efficiently.

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