7 Modules include...

Module 1-Procrastination

  • Why we tend to procrastinate (it's probably not what you think!)
  • How to combat procrastination by your personality type
  • How to recognize procrastination so it'll be gone for good

Module 2-Evening Schedule

  • Why you need an evening schedule
  • What exactly goes into your evening schedule
  • How to put one together that will save you hours each day!

Module 4-Planning Time

  • What is planning time
  • Why do I care
  • Why this is this will be the most important part of your schedule
  • How to make sure you follow through everyday

Module 6-To Do Lists

  • Why having a to do list is so important
  • The rules of a successful to do list
  • Setting up your daily to do list

Module 3-Morning Schedule

  • Why you need a morning schedule
  • What exactly needs to be in it to create a calm and productive morning
  • How to put your morning schedule together for the best start of your day!

Module 5-Priorities

  • Why you need to set priorities for yourself
  • What exactly needs to prioritized
  • How to set priorities into your daily life

Module 7-Your Schedule

  • Why your schedule is so important
  • What needs to be included in your schedule
  • How to create your schedule in a day