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This is the same garden planner that I use to create my year round garden.  I started with 2 raised beds and no knowledge.  Now I successfully garden year round (in the Pacific Northwest).  By using this planner you can keep track of what worked and what didn't.  You'll be learning as you go and becoming better each year.

This is a digital PDF that you can print out year after year.

It includes a blank monthly calendar, daily prepping to do list, daily garden to do list, season plan, and a place for you to take notes.  You've got an area for you to plan out what you're going to grow and what grows well next to it.

Included are 3 full sheets that you can print out on sticker paper so you can keep track of the weather each day, and easily plan out your garden by placing the veggie in the garden planner.

The great thing is, you can print out as many of one page as you need so it's completely customize this planner to your needs.

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